Who I Am

My life has been in different places, from Seattle to California, from Michigan to Maryland. Each new region gives me access to unique experiences, which tends to fill me with an appreciation and vigor for the beauty of the world. I love capturing those emotions through photography. Birds are a special interest of mine; I find them uniquely captivating.

What I Do

I have an academic background in neurobiology and global health, and I currently work for a global health nonprofit with a focus on digital health. In my free time, I enjoy birdwatching, playing volleyball, strumming my harp (her name is Persephone), learning languages, and playing Scrabble. When I read, I prefer fantasy novels and historical non-fiction.

What I Love

The love that I have for the world encompasses all that it contains, and I believe that this lends to my creative passions. I have the incredible luck to be a natural-born optimist, which brings light and happiness to my endeavors. More than anything, I love sharing my joy with others, and I hope that you can experience some of it here on my website.